Therapy Training; Become an Ayurvedic Therapist

The world is renowned to Ayurveda’s tremendous rejuvenating power of its therapies. It was been used in various treatments right from the Vedic period by the father of Indian medicine, Sage Charaka and father of ancient surgery, Sage Sushruta. The history of Ayurvedic massage and therapies dates back several centuries when Ayurvedic healers who worked miracles with their hands, in healing ailments considered incurable even today. Ayurvedic therapy works by instinct and intuition, using techniques developed through regular practice and proper guidance.

In our Ayurvedic therapy training program we introduce you to a variety of massages with enormous healing and rejuvenating properties in it. All of the various therapies coming under the course are listed below.

Eligibility: No prior Ayurvedic or medical knowledge required.
Duration: 2-4 months

Therapies we cover under this course:

  • Abhyanga : Ayurvedic signature full body massage and steam (fomentation)
  • Udvartana: Weight management cellulite busting massage
  • Pindsweda: Hot poltice De-stress massage
  • Mardan: Deep tissue Ayurvedic massage or
  • Ayurvedic Marma massage
  • PristhAbhayanga: Ayurvedic back massage therapy
  • KatiBasti: Oil pool over lower back
  • ManyaBast: Oil pool over neck
  • HridayaBasti: Oil pool over heart
  • JaanuBasti: Oil pool over knee
  • Shirodhara: Third eye therapy
  • Mukhabhyaga and Mukhlepa – Ayurvedic face massage and Ayurvedic Facial
  • NetraBasti: Oil pool over eyes
  • Dincharya: Daily detoxification therapy.


The course enables you to provide your clients with authentic massages and healing therapies adding extra value to your existent professional profile by providing appropriate massage therapies. The course also develops you in relieving physical and mental stress, support in treatment of common health issues, selection of most suitable oils for even better results, etc.

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