Daily Detoxification Therapy

Daily Detox

The senses are our gateway to the external world; they work together and communicate with the mind and consciousness and thus complete the cycle of perception. The daily detox therapy is to be performed regularly to maintain the appropriate functioning and communication of senses with mind and body. It is a process which gives you an experience of the physical cleansing helping in enhancing the activity of senses. The perception of the sense of smell, taste, form, touch and sound is dependent on the proper functioning of the nose, tongue, eyes, skin and ears. So various medicated oils and herbs are used in Daily detox therapy to detoxify and improve your functioning of senses. The therapies which are included in Daily detox therapy are as follows:


It refers to the application of a medicated liniment to the inner part of your lower eyelids. When used regularly it removes impurities, enhances the beauty of your eyes and improves eyesight.


Instilling two drops of medicated oil in each nostril which is then inhaled deeply, this is referred as Nasya. It enables removal of phlegm from the respiratory channels permitting easy breathing and better perception of sense of smell.

Gandusha and Kawala

Holding fluids like oil, honey, milk etc. (based on individual need as prescribed by the physician) in the mouth for 3-8 minutes is reffered as Gandusha. Whereas, gargling with medicated oils/decoction refers to Kawala. These are very good for oral hygiene. It strengthens the teeth and gums, and most importantly improves sensitivity of your taste buds.


Inhalation of medicated fumes through each nostril is termed as Dhumpana. It removes excess phlegm, clears the sinuses and also helps to improve the sense of smell.


Instilling a few drops of medicated oil/decoction into each ear prevents the accumulation of earwax and improves the sense of hearing.

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