Netra Basti: Oil Pool Over Eyes

Netra means eye and Basti here means an artificial pool which can contain oil for as much time as required. It is a treatment where pooling of oil is done over eyes, this pooling may be performed with the help of medicated clarified butter (ghee), medicated decoctions, etc. While performing this procedure the temperature of the liquid is maintained lukewarm. Prior to this procedure therapies like Abyanga(full body massage) and Shiroabhyanga(head massage) may be chosen by the individual or sometimes it is recommended by our expert Ayurvedic physician as per need. It has amazing effects for the following conditions:

  • Burning of eyes
  • Pain in eyes (like pricking sensation,etc)
  • Control Myopia or Hypermetropia (refractive errors)
  • To maintain general optic health
  • Bell’s palsy/ Facial paralysis
  • Insomnia
  • Stye
  • Challazion
  • Pingincula
  • Intra ocular hemorrhage
  • Pterigium, etc.

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