Shiroabhyanga: Ayurvedic head Neck and Shoulder Massage

‘Shiroabhyangam’ is the original name for the Indian head massage. ‘Shir’ means head, and ‘Abhyangam’ means oil application. Thus oil application on the head is called as ‘Shiroabhyangam’ in Sanskrit, a language in which the Ayurvedic classics were initially written, almost 5000 years ago.

In its true sense the Shiroabhyangam, is a complete massage of the head, neck and shoulders.

Benefits if taken regularly with the prescribed oil:

  • Promotes hair growth, making the hair soft in texture
  • Arrests hair fall & hair greying
  • Highly rejuvenating for the senses of sight, smell & hearing
  • Balances the central nervous system
  • Induces sound sleep
  • Used in the management & cure of various ailments such as Facial palsy, Hemiplegic, Rhinitis etc
  • Helps relieve pain in Migraines and other mild and severe headaches to various reasons
  • The Indian Head massage even if taken occasionally, relaxes you &reduces stress immediately, promoting mental clarity.

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