Western medicine is most advanced in surgical, gynecological and emergency procedures. However it is not very efficient when it comes to resolving or reducing chronic pain without side effects. Niether does it give any solutions when it comes to chronic disorders and long lasting conditions such as Obesity, Diabetes, Arthritis, Stress, Skin conditions, Digestive disorders and the list goes on.

Modern medicine Or Allopathic medicine can at times suppress the disorder symptomatically and temporarily with its painkillers and steroidal medicines however if taken regularly for long durations the side effects can be hazardous to an individual’s health.

Whereas, Ayurveda and its holistic approach of various Herbal Remedies, Diet and Lifestyle recommendations, Yoga, and Detoxification procedures (also known as Panchakarma) have no such side effects on your health. In short Ayurveda has far better and incomparable results over various chronic diseases. This is because modern medicine focuses more on treating the symptom of the disorder rather than treating the root of the disorder, which has been Ayurveda’s forte.

Going further Ayurveda believes in the Mind, Body, Consciousness complex, treating the person as a whole with its holistic approach rather than treating various symptoms of a disease part by part as compared to most Allopathic line of treatments.

Modern medicine also uses strong chemicals as external support in the form of antibiotics, steroids , painkillers , antihypertensive, anti-diabetic pills etc. to which the body gets used to and then deteriorates slowly as these have side effects and in most chronic disorders just suppress the disease or the symptoms instead of treating it.

On the contrary Ayurveda takes help of simple organic herbs, food alterations, Yoga, massage therapies, detoxifications and tries to eliminate the cause of the disease, simultaneously boosting the immunity of a person so that he/she is strong enough to recover on thier own and achieve a new level of fitness.

To name a few diseases you can scroll down and click into Ayurveda’s approach to various chronic disorders where modern conventional medicine cannot help much. Also if it does, the help comes at the cost of major side effects on the body and mind. This can sometimes be more hazardous than the disease itself in the long run.

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