Padabhyanga: Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Padabhyanga means foot massage. Feet are the most used parts of our body; this reason makes them highly prone to degeneration. Many issues arising from chronic disorders display their first signs on the lower body. For instance, in case of arthritis feet especially knee joint is a mostly affected part showing signs of pain and inflammation. Many athletes involved in cardio-vascular exercises use their lower limbs to a higher extent in routine practice and also to maintain fitness. When put all together it results in a situation where the lower extremities (feet) are over used, resulting in repeated wear and tear of tissue thus leading to injuries like ligament and muscle tears. Padabhyanga is specially designed for those who seek an answer to rejuvenation of their lower extremities. The benefits of Padabhyanga are listed as follows:

  • Improves and maintains the health and fitness of lower limbs
  • Helps to treat varicosity of veins, Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Helps to heal muscular and ligament tears
  • Relieves spasm of muscles of lower limbs
  • Strengthens the lower body
  • Maintains flexibility of muscles
  • Helps athletes to boost their performance

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