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Leucorrhoea / White Vaginal Discharge Testimonials

  • I had major issues with my gynecological system mainly PCOS and white discharge which was diagnosed as Leucorrea by the gynecologists. Other than this I had vaginal dryness which caused itching leading to immense frustration and irritation. I suffered from back pain as I had to travel and stand for long hours. I frequently suffered from acidity and constipation, which aggravated due to improper diet and lifestyle.

    After starting with the medication my vaginal discharge was reduced by almost 90% within a month. Vishal had explained me that the PCOD might also be treated, but it would take couple of months and a detoxification as well. I followed his advised and immediately started with the Panchakarma detoxification. After 3 months Vishal advised a USG to recheck PCOD, to my surprise the USG stated no evidence of PCOD. I felt much relieved after the report. By the end of my treatment program I had no issues of acidity and I also did not have any constipation even if I was not following the diet for a while.


    - V.P, Australia

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